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As we shoot the Woosh Wear SPRING/SUMMER 21' Lookbook. Aptly entitled, 'Backyard & Chill', here we sought to capture the cool essence of urban summer. Through the use of thoughtful propping and creative staging we were able to truly bring the concept to life. Creating in the process, a vibrant and colorful campaign that successfully embodied the essence of the brand.

“I offer a range of creative services that will work to elevate the visual presence of your small business, be it Online or In-store.”

Jerin Jaide, Stylist | Creative Director

"Ready to take your Brand to the next level?"

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My Services:

Creative Production

Services include:

creative direction
creative production mgmt.
set design
content creation
IG feed design
product styling
prop sourcing
prop styling
web design
personal branding
wardrobe styling
creative consulting

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How it Works...

The Consultation.

It all starts with a consultation! During this initial call we will take the time to really dive into your brand and asses your overall needs.

Step 1

The Ideation.

From there we get into the conceptualization phase; immediately following our call I will begin to draft a few on-brand concepts for your review.

Step 2

The Creation.

Following deposit & payment, we will enter the production phases, starting with sourcing and then leading into principle imaging.

Step 3

The Finalization.

Following final payment and the completion of your project, you will receive a customized gallery of images for use on social media, your online shop!

Step 4

See the Final Product:

'Backyard & Chill'